Wednesday, 20 August 2008

We've Been Blogged

Yes the wonderful ArtyAllsorts has been very kind to us on her blog after she came to our last workshop. Please give it a read. Artys blog

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Upcoming classes

Next workshop at School House Arts is what we are calling our Dabble Day on Saturday 13th September.
This will be an opportunity to try some materials and techniques that you may not have experienced before.
There will be 4 different activities and rather than going home with a pile of samples that you may never do anything with we are planning for you to put them all together in a book.
If you are interested in this day you can contact us by email at

Example of one of the pages you would be making on this day

Students Work

Lynne kindly bought a finished piece from a previous workshop to show us.

This was a piece of work done at one of Nickie's Textured Surfaces workshops which Lynne has made into a book cover.Beautiful work isn't it.
We are always delighted to see completed pieces so please send us photos and we will post them on our blog

Big Bag Workshop

Lastest workshop from School House Arts.
Margaret has designed this bag and tutored this workshop.
Gathered again at North Fambridge on a not so sunny day this time we were a group of very mixed abilities. Helen (I'm sure she won't mind me saying) is a real beginner and had barely had her machine out of the box.
Margaret had written excellent instructions so those of us that were more experienced could go at our own speed but there was plenty of support for those that needed it as we also had Nickie there acting as gopher and tea lady.
Deb in action

First attempt at sewing

Nickie, our helper and tea lady for the day, getting on, in between us being very demanding
Lynne head down and going for it

Margaret in charge of her coffeeShirley had chosen a beautiful turquoise fabric for her bag

Nearly there, a race to see who would finish first.

And finally proud owners of their very own big bags.Well done everyone