Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Still having trouble uploading pictures of our Textured Landscape workshop so have given up for now.Just wanted to post some comments from a participant
Seriously though, we had a super time and came home with a wealth of ideas and a lot more knowledge about the behaviour of various materials under the effect of a sewing machine and a heat gun. I am still trying to transpose mine from a dog's dinner to a feast for the eyes. I shall only get so far with that as I don't have your flair for subtlety (more of a 'love the bright colours and slap em on' person myself) but will send you a picture of the final piece.
I am interested in many of the other workshops and will try and get along to one or two. We are definitely interested in the dyeing one - I am particularly interested in natural dyes (madder, indigo etc) as I did a project on them for my BA. I am growing some woad.
I thought the workshop had a lot of momentum - never a dull moment. You kept up the pace. At the end of the day we felt we had made the most of the time available and had got a lot out of it. I appreciated the worksheets that you kindly provided as there was so much information to take in on the day. It was a good venue - lots of space and most importantly - LIGHT. All the cups of coffee, tea, biscuits and practical assistance were very welcome. Please thank the lady who makes the dolls for that.

Spreading the pictures out a bit because they are hard to load.

Textured Landscapes

A select few for this workshop.Made it quite a quiet day but my goodness we got through some work.
Nickie Kimber was our tutor and she introduced us to numerous mixed media techniques that could eventually be used to build up a landscape,bag or indeed a book cover.
So we painted, stitched , dyed, layered and distressed with heat!!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Big Bag

Bags are Big this season and here is your chance to make one for yourself.
Saturday 2nd August
Tutor Margaret Garrood
Contact us via email at schoolhouseartsyahoo.co.uk

And Yet More

Saturday 19th July
Stitch to paint with Nickie Kimber
Another opportunity to experience this class which includes techniques not everyone will have even heard of.We can promise you a very busy and rewarding day as you try these new techniques and start work on your own Celtic tree.
contact us via email at schoolhousearts@yahoo.co.uk

More Classes to Come

Next Saturday sees us doing Textured Landscapes with Nickie.Spaces still available.Contact us via email schoolhousearts@yahoo.co.uk

Grungie Grannies

Another great workshop at School House Arts.This time it was doll making.Margaret was our tutor this time and Nickie was 'Mum' keeping us supplied with tea coffee and biscuits throughout the day.
Grannies started from the boots up with most of the bodies finished by lunchtime.Up to this time we were quite a quiet group but this changed after lunch when we started on heads and faces.
Amazing how different they all turned out when we all started with the same pattern.Much giggling ensued when a head was attached back to front.
Many of us managed to finish our basic dolls just needing further embellishment at home.Hats and handbags to be made in some cases.A couple of dolls representing the red hat and purple dresses club. See if you can spot them