Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Still having trouble uploading pictures of our Textured Landscape workshop so have given up for now.Just wanted to post some comments from a participant
Seriously though, we had a super time and came home with a wealth of ideas and a lot more knowledge about the behaviour of various materials under the effect of a sewing machine and a heat gun. I am still trying to transpose mine from a dog's dinner to a feast for the eyes. I shall only get so far with that as I don't have your flair for subtlety (more of a 'love the bright colours and slap em on' person myself) but will send you a picture of the final piece.
I am interested in many of the other workshops and will try and get along to one or two. We are definitely interested in the dyeing one - I am particularly interested in natural dyes (madder, indigo etc) as I did a project on them for my BA. I am growing some woad.
I thought the workshop had a lot of momentum - never a dull moment. You kept up the pace. At the end of the day we felt we had made the most of the time available and had got a lot out of it. I appreciated the worksheets that you kindly provided as there was so much information to take in on the day. It was a good venue - lots of space and most importantly - LIGHT. All the cups of coffee, tea, biscuits and practical assistance were very welcome. Please thank the lady who makes the dolls for that.

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