Saturday, 7 June 2008

Grungie Grannies

Another great workshop at School House Arts.This time it was doll making.Margaret was our tutor this time and Nickie was 'Mum' keeping us supplied with tea coffee and biscuits throughout the day.
Grannies started from the boots up with most of the bodies finished by lunchtime.Up to this time we were quite a quiet group but this changed after lunch when we started on heads and faces.
Amazing how different they all turned out when we all started with the same pattern.Much giggling ensued when a head was attached back to front.
Many of us managed to finish our basic dolls just needing further embellishment at home.Hats and handbags to be made in some cases.A couple of dolls representing the red hat and purple dresses club. See if you can spot them

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